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About Us


We are a new generation of young, active biodiversity scientists, women and men, from Cameroon, with a passion for bat research and conservation. We are committed to learning about the ecology, taxonomy, acoustics, behaviour, and conservation needs of Cameroon's bats. We have been encouraged and guided in our careers by Professor Eric Bakwo-Fils and have a wonderful network of national and international advisors.

Who are BatCameroon?


We are a group of students and early career scientists from the Universities of Yaounde, Maroua, and Douala, who undertake bat research to support bat conservation. We have been fortunate with our in-country training and mentorship and also in the opportunities that we have received from Global South Bats, West African Mammal Fellowship, Bats without Borders, and Harrison Institute. Our aim is develop bat research skills to the highest international standard, be part of global initiatives such as GBatNet, and deliver bat data that can provide a scientific basis for well-focused conservation actions that are targeted at priority species, habitats and geographical areas within Cameroon, the region, and Africa.


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