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Bat Research

Lobéké National Park


Lobéké National Park's (LNP) Congolian lowland forests are thought to be globally outstanding for biological richness. However, very few biodiversity studies have been undertaken. Through our ongoing studies, we wish to determine if LNP is an area of importance for African bat conservation, especially rare and data deficient forest-dependent species. 

Parc National de Lobeke
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What we know


Lobéké National Park, in south-east Cameroon, is situated in an area predicted to be of high bat diversity. It is known to have a rich bird diversity and is home to rare and endangered large mammal species. (see more...)

Bat research Lobeke Cameroon
What we don't know


Until now, there has been no study of LNP's bats and we had no knowledge of their diversity, composition or abundance. This has important implications for conservation management. (see more...)

Bat research in Lobeke National Park Cameroon
What we will do


As part of a new, long-term project, our in-country team is undertaking a pilot study, which will include the first bat surveys of LNP, the first gathering of data for an acoustic library, the first assessment of the threats to bats, and the first attempt to build local, national and international awareness of LNP's bats. (see more...)

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